Finding unusual plants for unusual purposes


I'm Mike

When I'm not running around after this little pixie I am running around on the Kapiti coast of New Zealand foraging unusual plants and mushrooms for a variety of different purposes incl. culinary, gin botanicals, floristry. It's a fun time!

I am an arborist by trade and during my tree work I have gained access to a lot of different environments. Through this have created an ever growing data base of plant products.

I am registered with the local council.

Here's what I can do for you...

What's hiding in your garden?

-Do you have an interesting garden or lifestyle block on the Kapiti Coast?

-Ever wondered what's edible or has other uses?

- I'd love to share my knowledge about edible plants with you in your own garden in exchange for potential sustainable foraging on your property.

Group or private foraging tours

2h foraging tour focussed on unusual edible plants and mushrooms at Haruatai park in Otaki. 

-$40 / person -

min. 4 people.

- $100 for a private tour.

Sourcing and supplying of unusual plant products-

I have a vast and constantly expanding database full of interestng local plant products that could give your buisness a point of difference. incl. seeds, berries, flowers, pollen, leaves, bark and mushrooms.

Contact details-

Cell phone - +64 21141 6637



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